Customer and Supplier Qualifications

Digitized and Automated

About our solution

Bonafi helps businesses maintain the integrity of the pharmaceutical supply chain and keep people safe by automating GxP compliance verifications and providing a central location to manage customer and supplier qualifications.

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Improved Compliance

Bonafi help companies stay on top of compliance sensitive activities through Quality Management Dashboards, Audit Trails and Transparency.

Reduced Risk

Bonafi digitizes the end-to-end Pharma Customer and Supplier approval and maintenance cycle, resulting in robust, repeatable and traceable processes reducing risk for errors.

Improved Efficiency

The Bonafi system is intuitive and easy to use. By introducing automation to these labour intense activities help companies greatly improve efficiencies.

Industry Feedback 

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Compliance. Good Distribution Practice. Critical.

”Qualification of suppliers and customers lies at the forefront of the fight against falsified medicines whereas supply chain participants are required to carry out “due diligence” checks to assess the suitability, competence and reliability of their suppliers and customers.”

IFPMA, IFPW & Rx360, 2017: “Taking a Leap Toward Global Supply Chain Efficiency – Part II”

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