EIIS 2022 Investment Opportunity: Invest in the next up-and-coming Irish Pharma RegTech Company

EIIS Tax Relief

40% income tax relief

Expected Return

19.5% per year on net investment

Min / Max

€5,000 -

Investment Duration

Minimum 4 years

Investment Summary

Key Terms

Apply Before

15 December 2022

What is EIIS?

EII is an Irish tax relief that aims to encourage qualifying individuals to provide equity-based finance to trading companies.

Under the scheme, an Irish taxpayer who puts money into an approved EII investment can reduce a substantial portion of their taxable income (up to 40%)  for the year in which the investment was made.

The maximum investment allowed from 1st January 2020 is:

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Why invest in Bonafi?

Bonafi is a Meath-based company that has developed a unique digitized and automated cloud-based technology to help companies in the pharmaceutical industry manage the due diligence and validation of their customers and suppliers.

By introducing automation we help reduce risk, improve compliance and improve efficiencies in these important regulated activities. Our system will be validated to pharma standards making us verifiable and acceptable to any regulatory agency in the world.

Bonafi targets a niche part of the the pharmaceutical market, which is currently estimated to be valued at €4.2 billion worldwide. 

Strong Industry Feedback

Trials show strong customer validation confirming value proposition.

Innovative Solution

Bonafi is the only company focused on solving compliance challenges related to Pharma Customer & Supplier full cycle due diligence and validation

Strong Team

Strong team with deep-domain knowledge and proven ability to deliver.

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